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IT´s once again time to focus in on reaching those exercise goals. It is the middle of summer time.  If you are coming to playa for the first time or are one of many who want to reach that optimim level of health and fitness, welcome back. In addition to the two main private exercise fitness centers- Filiberto Martinez, mayor maintains the programs: “Turning physical for the  police” and “Cycling for All” in order to generate adequate spaces that contribute to healthy living, family bonding and physical activity. Of course, the only challenging thing to do here in playa with all the great food is keep an eye on the diet.

The city promotes a few programs to help its citizens. The two actions put a little sweat equity and enjoyment for the solidarenses, whose goal is to improve the quality of life for all through a comprehensive strategy. On a Sunday recreational live with coworkers, friends, relatives and neighbors. Elements of police and city officials participated in the police physical activation program, which began with a game of tug of war. The group was brought listening to the sound of the waves in the Park Founders Playa del Carmen.

Between cheers and encouragement from the spectators, teams added points for the bag of six thousand dollars. Over the morning and a hot day, continued to penalty kicks, the sack race and stick crazy. The winning teams were: Divas Star and Rays. Meanwhile, neighbors of the center and periphery of the city took advantage of the two routes of the “Cycling for All.” Like every Sunday, municipal officials, family, friends and solidarenses left of Juarez to the CTM.

The second route enabled corresponds to the Avenida Juarez, in Arc Maya Road Centre. This route was the setting for the recreation of the solidarenses, who enjoyed a morning not so sunny, but warm. For this benefit, both routes were closed to traffic for eight to 11 in the morning. At all times, elements of the two bike paths monitored traffic to ensure the safety of cyclists and to guide drivers.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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