Acción Animal Helps Playa del Carmen’s Dog Population With Medical Services and Shelter

Acción Animal is a non-profit organization was started by a group of activists that wanted to improve the quality of life of animals in the city of Playa del Carmen.

In Mexico it is very common to find stray dogs roaming the streets, whose bodies often carry ticks, lice, rabies, scabies or something worse. Most of the time they are ignored, as are the population of cats which, due to their stealthier nature, have more possibilities of extending their lives on the streets.

Playa del Carmen also has its own large population of stray Playense dogs. There are some who live near the sea, enjoying paradise in their own manner, away from the dangerous streets and humans who are not always as aware as they say they are. But the reality is that most dogs are not so lucky and day by day they struggle to survive.

This is why Acción Animal plays such a vital role in the lives of these creatures. The offer veterinary medical service, aided in their work by independent rescuers, and often in support of low-income residents. Their shelter houses approximately thirty dogs and a few cats (the number always varies) and they often hold adoption fairs to find them new owners. Many dogs that suffer accidents on the streets or fall victim to animal abuse by humans are brought here. The staff then work to rehabilitate them and find them a new home.

It is important to create awareness in the population of Playa del Carmen about the commitment invloved in having a pet at home. Owners must be committed to ensuring that their pets are sterilized, to prevent the growth of stray dogs and cats. The government of Solidaridad in Playa del Carmen carries out anti-rabies vaccination campaigns in which various civil associations participate, including Perrolandía, SOS, and Acción Animal.

If you witness any animal abuse or see an animal that is injured or living in unfavorable conditions, you can contact the Animal Welfare Center (CEIBAM). This center specializes in caring for citizens to avoid disease, dignify animal treatment and control its overpopulation.

So if you have dogs or cats do not forget to treat them with dignity, take them to vaccinate regularly, give them lots of love and if you see any animal that suffers some type of suffering, help them.

For more information about Accíon Animal you can  them online:

Or visit them in person, they are located on Avenida 100 at the corner of Calle 10 in the Colonia Ejido.

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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