A male heat in Tulum!

Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel are located in what we call the Riviera Maya. It is located in the Mexican Caribbean. Pristine and transparent water, white sand, palm trees, coconuts, warm wind, massages, spa, all you need to perfectly feel in vacation!!

You think that the Mexican Paradise is only for straight people?? YOU ARE WRONG! Let me tell you that the Mexican Caribbean is one of the first destinations for the LGBT tourism. For years, the Yucatan peninsula has welcomed the LGBT tourism. And, now, you may be surprised by hearing that: despite the macho reputation of the country, Mexico is one of the most tolerant and accepting place regarding homosexuality!! As testimony, I ‘ve been traveling in many countries in the world and I can insure you that Mexico, so far, has been the most open and welcoming country.  Here, people don’t care about what you like, who you like, how you want to be dressed and what you are going to eat at night! (Probably tacos, hahaha).

This open mind must come from the Mexican history. The pre-Hispanic cultures, in particular the Mayan, were less regardless of gender preferences than the occidental societies. The Mayan culture even integrated homosexual rites in the religious ceremonies.  In other words, coming in Mexico means arriving in a country where homosexuality has been accepted for centuries. This small detail makes a huge difference. You do not need to fight to be accepted by your fellows! You already are!

Let’s get back on the subject! Thus you thought Mexico was only for straight people. You were wrong! You thought that the Mexican paradise of the Caribbean is only for straight folks?? You are wrong AGAIN! Many places are fully LGBT (or straight friendly) or LGBT friendly.  Many activities, concerts and events are organized in order to satisfy LGBT!

The next HUGE LGBT event is on the 31th of August! (2012 of course!) A male heat will overrun Tulum during ONE ENTIRE WEEK!Hundreds of Apollo will gather in the little and cozy village of Tulum to share experiences, meet new people and friends, enjoy together the different concerts, games, parties, dinners, beaches, and the sea of the Caribbean.

If you attend the most expected LGBT event in the entire Latin America, a wonderful program: fiestas in and out the pool, games, wonderful dinners, and concerts with many DJ coming especially for the event, also touristic visits on the archeological sites and through the region so that you can discover the hidden gems of Mexico!
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Thanks folks andsee you in Tulum!
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