A good massage in Playa Del Carmen!

 It is not a random story, it is mine and I want to share it with you so that you will be aware of the good tips during your stay in Playa Del Carmen.
When I arrived in Playa Del Carmen, as everybody, I hung out to discover the town. I went to unknown places in the back of the city, further in the land. And I obviously walked down on the famous 5th Avenue and on the beach, which are without any doubt the gems of Playa Del Carmen.

I went back several times to these areas and to tell you the true, the more I was hanging out there, the more I was attracted by… the massages!!!!!  Why? Because in my country, one hour massage costs 70 USD!! Obviously, it is quite a consequent expense. Plus, when you expect the massage taking pain away and bringing peace in your body, you need to go several times! Imagine paying 70 USD every time you want a massage. In one month you spend 240 USD for a massage a week and without being sure to be relieved from pain!!

As I arrived in Mexico, I wanted to seize this opportunity to benefit from good and cheaper massages! But how to choose the good one when there are dozens and dozens of massages and spa places??
When walking the beach, I was lured by bars and restaurants providing massages directly on the beach! Of course, the frame is obvioulsy magical: being massaged right on the beach in front of the Caribbean sea, feeling the warm wind on your skin, isn’t it magical? As many, I let myself being seduced by these places. I chose one of them and hup, the massage started!
Positive side:  I pretty enjoyed the ambiance: beach-massage-Caribbean, Nothing to say about it.
Negative side:  As my back’s muscles were strained, they needed a special attention taking the condition of my body into consideration, as you can not treat a painful area the same way you will treat a free-of-pain limb. The massager was good to relax a healthy body but not at all to feel where the pain was located and where he had to work harder or lighter.  At the end, I spent one hour clenching my teeth to keep the pain caused by an inappropriate massage inside me. I came out of the massage with more pain.

The message I want to share with you now is the following one: You need to go to the RIGHT place to get a massage!!! What is the point to get a massage on the beach if it does take care of your body condition? There is NO POINT!

To be continued…:  An amazing place to get an excellent massage in Playa del Carmen!(The best adress for massages in all Playa: 4th Street, between the beach and the 5th avenue, right in the downtown! it is called: The Day Spa)

Canada2playa and American Development wish you a good reading.
See you on the next article to know the good places to get a massage!
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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