Thalassotherapy may come as a new name to many. For sure, it is not often mentioned as an option to traditional spa treament. It is a special type of treatment using seawater and seaweed. Each designed to tone, moisturise and revitalise the body and skin, and, in many cases, to improve circulation.

Other marine and ocean derivatives feature in thalassotherapy, too, including algae, mud and sand. All are cleaned and purified before use.Thalassotherapy comes in a bewildering array of packages: mud baths, underwater showers, hydro-massage, aromatherapy, and seaweed, mud and algae wraps all exist to help restore your body to a state of serenity fit for a mermaid.

Although many treatments are available in UK spas, many die-hard thalassotherapy fans opt for sunnier climates each year, such as the Luxurious Playa Del Carmen.

Different forms of thalassotherapy have different effects, helping you with the following:

  • circulatory problems (such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis
  • respiratory conditions (such as asthma and bronchitis)
  • post-traumatic disorders (such as muscle atrophy)
  • chronic inflammations (such as rheumatic arthritis).

Some treatments might require swimwear, others rather less. Any pre-thalassotherapy preparations depend entirely on your treatment, so speak to your therapist if you’re unsure.If you’re having mud, clay or algae treatments, it’s a good idea to tie or pin your hair back.

If you’ve opted for a seaweed wrap, expect to be swathed for about an hour in seaweed and herb-soaked cloths. You will probably be wrapped up from your toes to your chest – arms are always optional – whilst lying on a thermal blanket to keep you warm. Before you start to feel like a dried old barnacle, your therapist will unravel you and massage your body to enhance circulation. Just jump on a plane bound for Playa and check out all the spas dedicated to seawater therapy.

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