The Sayab Astronomical Observatory reaches its 5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary of the Sayab Astronomical Observatory

On December 16, the Sayab Astronomical Observatory in Playa del Carmen reaches its 5th Anniversary since its inauguration in 2015.  For the occasion, the Observatory Director Roberto Rojo has declared that

There will be great personalities with us, participating on the celebrations, sharing their knowledge with the general public. e.g. the internationally acclaimed astronomer Silvia Torres; and the Director of Cozumel’s Astronomical Observatory, Vicente Hernández.

Program for the 5th Anniversary

The celebration will take all day, and it is directed at children and adults alike. First, at 10 in the morning, there will be a raffle, giving away a monocular LJK 16×52, for telescopic observation. After that, at 1 pm there will be an award ceremony for a drawing contest.

Later in the afternoon, at 5 pm there is one of the main events of the day. There will be an online conference by an astronomy emeritus researcher on “Our vision of the Universe, from Copernico to the present day”.

Last, the day will close with the streaming of “Cosmic Journey” at the Digital Dome of the Sayab Astronomical Observatory. For this event, Vicente Hernández, Ph.D will provide live narration of the documentary.

The Sayab Astronomical Observatory online

As a way of preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the Planetary is live streaming all activities. Anyone from Playa del Carmen or elsewhere can join on their Facebook account. Besides its digital replica, most events are also available in person, respecting all due safety and hygiene norms.

Join here, follow, or like their page.

December 14’s solar eclipse

Other activities at the Sayab Astronomical Observatory include a live streaming of the solar eclipse happening at 10 hours. The expert astronomers of the Observatory will comment during the transmission, accompanied by the Network of Astronomical Observatories of Quintana Roo.

If you want to keep up with their latest events, check here.


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