Riviera Maya shopping is something you cannot miss!

A tourist destination would not be complete without the ease of buying original articles not found anywhere else.In this respect, Riviera Maya shops have the best shopping opportunities.

Regional and local handicrafts are famous for their appealing colors and imaginative shapes.There are many Riviera Maya shops and galleries showing with pride the best selection of handicrafts.

Just like New York’s world famous 5th Avenue, the Riviera Maya also has a street of the same name, the very popular and wonderfully chic Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) in Playa del Carmen. Here you’ll see hundreds of people strolling around the many boutiques, during the day and night, searching for that perfect souvenir in to take home for friends, family and coworkers.

All along the Quinta Avenida of Playa del Carmen and in the many towns of the Riviera Maya, you will find a huge selection of stores to satisfy any shopper. Small stores sell handmade hammocks by local artisans, colorful ceramics, tiny clay figurines depicting Mayan people, and the famous Mexican multicolored sarapes, just to mention a few of the handicrafts from this ancient region. Brand name stores are also found here.
Products sold in the hotels’ stores come from all regions of Mexico. Whether inspired by nature or by the people’s traditional dress, each item has the distinctive seal of its skilled Mexican artisan.

There are several shopping malls (mainly in Playa del Carmen), supermarkets, convenience stores, and also shops owned by local designers and artists that sell original, innovative items. The jewelry stores display beautiful silver and gold pieces inlaid with precious stones, so popular everywhere in the Riviera Maya. It’s not surprising to find bracelets, earrings, and necklaces inlaid with fine amethysts, opals, onyx and turquoise, for which the Yucatan Peninsula is very famous.

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