River cruises: Allowing travel to lesser known intimate destinations

River%20cruises%3A%20Allowing%20travel%20to%20lesser%20known%20intimate%20destinations There’s a groundswell movement among today’s travelers. They are no longer satisfied with seeing the standard sights in the standard way; these travelers are a part of that movement which seeks richer knowledge, new perspectives and one-of-a-kind experiences. Travelers who identify with this type of movement are finding that river cruises are one of the best ways to see the world.
River cruises allow travelers to see the most notable sights in their chosen destination, but they also offer the opportunity to experience daily life in places where tourism is secondary to authentic culture. Award-winning tour operator Tauck, a leader in European river cruising, takes travelers around the world with carefully planned itineraries that make it easier to see some of Europe’s hottest destinations in-depth, at costs savings often up to 40 percent over independent planning.
Seeing the world atop the flow of a river gives travelers a fresh perspective, no matter the destination. And that’s perhaps the best part: picking out the destination. With Tauck offering river cruises through Europe, as well as a river cruise component on land trips in the Middle East and Asia, an unlimited number of adventures are there for the choosing.
* Western Europe. The classic destinations of the Old World get a new coat of polish when viewed from river cruises. Explore the romantic landscape and medieval castles of Germany’s Rhine and Moselle rivers, or be charmed by the bucolic countryside in Belgium and the Netherlands. Themed river cruises like A Taste of France, which features an array of food-related excursions and experiences, give travelers the opportunity to indulge one’s interests in unique settings.
* Eastern Europe. A river voyage from the Black Sea to Budapest will have travelers sailing through beautiful scenery as well as dramatic history. Many of the destinations on the journey, like towns and cities in Bulgaria and Romania, are hidden gems that only in-the-know travelers count among the must-see destinations in Europe. Danube River cruises will also provide a glimpse of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, along with destinations in Austria, Germany and Hungary.
* The Middle East. What river could be more considered famous than the Nile? Taking a cruise on this legendary waterway counts among life’s ultimate experiences, and Tauck’s river cruises ensure that travelers can take this trip in style. The austere allure of the desert landscape is an attraction in its own right, but travelers will also be able to see the ancient monuments that have made Egypt a travel destination for generations of adventurous spirits. Land experiences include four nights in Jordan where guests see the majestic ruins at Petra and the desolate beauty of Wadi Rum.
* Asia. China’s powerful Yangtze is one of the world’s great rivers, and cruising down it onboard one of Tauck’s river cruises will be the travel experience of a lifetime. Its atmospheric landscape of gorges and green hills are spellbinding, compelling travelers to visit pavilions and pagodas in riverside towns and villages. Another river, the Li, is the perfect place to observe fishermen plying their trade from onboard bamboo rafts – an unforgettable glimpse into the old-world cultural heart of China.
Spin the globe and pick a destination – no matter the destination, river cruises offer travelers the chance to see the world from a different point of view.

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