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Pets on the Premises? It’s a Hotel Perk

When booking a room, it may not occur to travelers to ask whether a hotel has pets. Yet interaction with animals can improve mental health, and has been shown to ease depression. Some hotels are luring customers with mascots, and not just dogs, but also birds, cats, tortoises and even donkeys.

Buster Brown, a wire-haired fox terrier, is not only the official greeter at Craddock Terry Hotel, a boutique property in a former shoe factory in Lynchburg, Va. He can also serve as a canine tour guide. Animal-loving guests can take the hypoallergenic dog on walks or runs while exploring Lynchburg. The hotel is offering a stay-longer deal: Guests who book five nights receive a discounted nightly rate of $129 (versus $199 a night).

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