“Muy picante”

Mexico is known throughout the world for many reasons, the warmth of its inhabitants, its climate that varies from mild to warm, its beautiful beaches, the “fiestas”, but one of the main reasons is its FOOD. Mexican food, like its traditions, uses and customs, varies depending on the region of the country where you are. Not only can you find an immense number of different and delicious dishes, but also different versions of those same dishes for each region of the country that are equally delicious.

Despite this vast number of dishes, there is a flavor in which the vast majority agree, the spicy. You can find spicy broths, meats and soups, including dishes that are practically a complete chili stuffed with some ingredient, meat or cheese.

Many times the dishes that they serve you will not be spicy, they may not have a hint of chili, but Mexicans have a solution for this great flaw in their gastronomy; the “SALSAS”.

Sauces are a world unto themselves. The varieties are almost endless, but the main ingredients; chiles, herbs and tomatoes, whether red or green, you will find them without fail in each of them.
Since before the internet, they have tried to create guides or tips on how to know if a sauce is spicy based on color or smell, without finding any success, both red and green sauces can be extremely spicy or surprisingly mild. Asking the cook or waiter is also not very helpful, which for Mexicans can be a little spicy, for tourists inexperienced with chili it can become an unforgettable experience but not exactly pleasant.

Do you want to try some local food but not feeling like going out? Order from a delivery service.

Tip: when you ask how hot a sauce is, be careful with “muy picante”, it could be that after trying it, the following days you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat remembering that fearsome experience.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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