“Foro Cuarentena” Showcases Local Artists During Lockdown

Foro Cuarentena - local music via zoom - Playa del Carmen

The Initiative Foro Cuarentena showcases local artists for the third time this year. In this project, musicians and dance companies give a show to digital audiences, with the aim of fundraising local artists affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The last show occurred on November the 1st, organized by the dance companies Coppelia’s Ballet, FUGAM Danza, and the Riviera Maya Dance Month. Foro Cuarentena took place via Zoom and collected the tickets via Paypal. This shows how creating online alternatives to things that used to happen in person just requires a little infrastructure and you are ready to go.

November 1st was the third show of Foro Cuarentena, after the success and good reception of the first two shows. In short, the organization estimates that it has possibly supported more than 40 artists. I.e., the figure includes creators across the disciplines of dance and music. In this edition, the showcase hosted the music of a harpist, a keyboardist, and two singers. Second, it included the dancing arts of the Grupo Riviera Malambo Show. Last, it incorporated five solo dancers, one of them part of the National Dance Company of Mexico.

Other news: Playa del Carmen theater reopens after Lockdown. The first show is free to attend (August 2020)

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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