Every night of the Week is Ladies Night in Paradise!

Ladies night! So a time at a bar or nightclub when women are charged less or admitted free, that’s the definition we may find on the internet, but a ladies night is so much more!

In Playa del Carmen you will find  different ladies night options every night from Monday to Friday!

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged or married, it’s essential to make sure you have a regular standing “ladies’ night” with the women in your life. Why? Well, here is why!

1. To escape. Long day? a terrible day at work, trouble with the boyfriend, or just a little down?
2. To bond. so you are caught up in your day to day routine and seem to only communicate with your friends on whatsapp? Plan a ladies night out! and bond again! you will feel so happy and so much better.
3. To have another reason to dress up and feel pretty!
4. To meet new people! Remember that everyday people from all over the world arrive to Playa! so you get to meet all kinds of people and learn about their cultures!
5. To dance, Dancing just makes you feel sexy and helps you again release stress!
6.To remember why you’re YOU. Your friends keep you grounded. They put up with your quirks, your demands, the bizarre way you laugh, the fact that you cry every time you remember that ex-boyfriend that broke your heart and they always have your back. You are the person you are today because of the people you’ve met, especially your friends. End of story.

So, here are the bars where you can with your friends to enjoy a Ladies Night in Playa and actually have some nice free drinks!

  • Monday: La Choperia, La Mezcalinna.
  • Tuesday: Rufino, Sala Rosa, Lucky Luciano, Off the Vine, Pura Vida, Fat Tuesday, La Piola.
  • Wednesday: Burro Playero, La Fé, Diablito Cha cha cha, LIV, Skinny Bikini Potatoes,  La Vaquita
  • Thursday: Canibal Royal, Santanera, Cariló, La Azotea, La Peñita de Jaltemba, Caiman Tugurio, Sala Rosa.
  • Friday: Terraza Palms, Kool Fish.


Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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