Did you know there are all these cool things to do within five minutes of Sereno?

There are literally thousands of places to visit in Riviera Maya. You would need at least months to visit them all. Fortunately, the excellent location of Sereno, allows you to enjoy plenty of activities located just a few minutes away.

Jump off a cliff at the Taj Majal Cenote
Cliff jumping into this ama –zing Cenote is a must when visiting the Riviera Maya. With guided Cavern dives, taking you down a string of light zones creating an im-pressive underwater laser like show. The area is highly appreciated among guides and customers who return to this exact spot only to watch the change in the dive as the seasons alter (depending on the angle of the sun). Caused by lines separating the changes in salt content, Haloclines, the deeper areas turns into mirror reflections as divers pene-trate into the different layers of saltwater. A recommen-dation for the brave one: keep your eyes open during the dive as it is decorated with cave formations, stalagmites and stalactites.
Aside from the limestone formations, you will come across numerous shell and coral fossils in the Taj Majal Cenote that emphasize the 65 million year history of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Dive Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul is slightly smaller compared to similar Cenotes in the area, but a great one to visit. Be sure to get there early because once the area gets too full, the entrance gets cut off. The grounds are well maintained: with a great jump off point and a wooden lounging deck located just above the cenote. To make the swim even more interesting, bring your own mask or rent one onsite and snorkel to get the experience of being in a live aquarium. With Cenote Azul as home to a large quantity of local fish species, this makes it a great place to snorkel.

Snorkel right off our beach and see the second largest living coral reef on the planet (the Great Mayan Reef System) only surpassed by the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Mayan Reef, also called Meso-american Barrier Reef System, is located off the coasts of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. It stretches more than 620 miles which makes it the second largest reef in the world, only the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is bigger.

The wonderful Mayan Reef is born at Cabo Catoche, on the north of Quintana Roo, and extends to the coasts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. This sub-marine paradise is one of the hot spots in the world to scuba dive and snorkeling thanks to the other worldly transparency of the Mexican Ca -ribbean, allowing sunlight to reach great depths. This biodi-versity jewel hosts an enormous amount of organisms in more than 65 mixes of coral and 500 fish species, including lobster, pink snail, white, hawksbill and caguama turtles, dol-phins and whale sharks.

Visit the broken dock with the kids

Just a few steps away from Sereno, is a charming broken dock where the kids can turn themselves into pirates for an hour or two. As always in Riviera Maya, you can go for a swim as well.

Lunch at Al Cielo on their com-fortable and hip beach beds

Are you in South Beach? No $28 mixed drinks, and a prettier beach might be a tip off that you are not, but these ultra-hip beach loungers in Al Cielo could confuse you. This beach restaurant is located right down from Sereno. The dining room has a large thatch roof palapa on the beach with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Eating at Al Cielo gives you the oppor-tunity to enjoy fresh seafood, fish and shellfish, look-ing for excellence in local and international dishes. This quiet beachfront restaurant is perfect for enjoying gourmet cuisine in a true Caribbean atmosphere.

Listen to live music at the beachfront Xpu Ha Beach Club.

The perfect place to en-joy alone or with the family, “La Playa Xpu Ha” is one of the best kept secrets of locals in the area with one of the best sea food restaurants, with additional dishes that fits everyone’s taste, tacos and hamburgers. Enjoy their live music starting at 2:30 pm.

Kite board on the same beach as the 2009 Kite board-ing World Championships

Experts say Kite boarding is about en-joying the elements and making use of what Mother Nature gives you, being crea-tive and making the best out of every situation.

People from all over the world come to Xpu Ha Beach every year enjoying days of wind and high flying fun.

Rent a Hobie Cat and feel the Caribbean Breeze running through your hair.

These small boats give you a changeling and fast ride if the wind is up. Lessons are available at most of the marinas. Normally six hours of lessons is enough to give you a good start. Hobie Cats are available for rent.

Stress out! Energy in!

You can request a relaxing or therapeutic massage in the beach. Our professional thera-pists can also offer you a Deep Tissue or Reiki session.

Go for a jog on a class 10 beach, one of the few on the planet!

A colorful sunrise or a beautiful sunset can be the perfect land-scape for a jogging in one of Forbes “15 Sexiest Beaches in the World”.

Have an afternoon cocktail the Ferrari Compound.

Yes your neighbor is a real Italian Duchess.

Spend your afternoon in Esencia Hotel’s bar or res-taurant. Enjoy a refreshing drink and rural cuisine served up in a superior setting that instantly warms its way into the hearts, and stomachs, from diners around the world.

All of this is within 5 minutes of Sereno!

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