Cancun & Riviera Maya: Medical Tourism Leaders

The medical tourism in the world represents an important economic spill in the countries where there has been a growth in the matter and in the case of Mexico, Quintana Roo stands out, this by having in Cancun clinics with triple certification: the national, American, as well as the Canadian, which reflects its medical quality in all aspects.

Two more clinics in the city are in the process of obtaining the same certifications, which would make the state the only federative entity in the country to have five medical centers with this type of national and international recognition.

According to experts, medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors, which offer the advantage of not having high or low seasons, and being oblivious to economic crises.

In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Tourism in the state, Marisol Vanegas Pérez explained that the state has had significant growth in this area and has achieved an important attraction of citizens from mainly the United States, who travel to the state to perform medical interventions specific mainly aesthetic.

The official explained that Mexico currently ranks second in terms of medical health tourism, only below Thailand and, Quintana Roo, nowadays it has everything necessary to become a leading entity in medical tourism .

The spill of this sector can be exemplified with a charter flight with 100 people, at a cost of one thousand dollars per ticket means an entry of 100 thousand dollars for medical tourism in the country.

Marisol Vanegas said that the state has all the infrastructure to detonate this sector, only those who made the link with those who bring patients from abroad were missing.

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