Canada and Mexico? A love story!

Madeline Milne and her new friends

Tourists come every year in Mexico to visit. They spend one, two, three weeks (or more) visiting the beautiful Riviera Maya, Baja-California, Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos. When the holidays are over, they go back home. Many of them just come back the next year. Why? Simply because Mexico is a wonderful place.  And some of them end up settling in the country as Madeline Milne.

This Canadian from Vancouver chose Mexicoas her first residence in 2009. Her story badly started but luckily had a happy end! She worked during years for a Canadian real estate company in Vancouver. In 2009 they fired her. Huge shock!! From one day to the next one, she lost everything. Hopefully, she had a free-lance client over the border. It was an amazing opportunity! She could do exactly the same on the other side. She had the boldness to pack to go across the border, to leave her family behind her, and to start a new life in a new country! How courageous she is! To finish this happy story, her family joined her a while later.

She fell in love with Mexico through her travelsdown here. Her 3 favorite places are Merida, La Paz and Playa Del Carmen. Those three are indeed great and wonderful cities:

  • Merida is famous for its historical center.

  • La Paz for its simplicity and for its strong Mexican spirit.

  • Playa Del Carmen in the Caribbean for its wonderful turquoise water with pristine white beaches that you will never see anywhere else.

No surprise that the foreigners settlein Mexico. Try to come over once, at least for a vacation. We will help you to find the perfect accommodations! You will enjoy one of the most beautiful pieces of land on Earth!!! Welcome in Paradissssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                     
Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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