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The travel experience can be very different depending on the month or season of the year in which you decide to vacation. If you want to escape to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, this guide will help you know when to plan a perfect trip. Enjoy to the fullest all the activities that the Mexican Caribbean offers us. How to know when it is low season? In Mexico, holiday seasons go hand in hand with the school calendar. So with this we can say that high season is when children are on vacation. This gives us several options a year among which February, May, September, October and November stand out. Only with the exception of official holidays in Mexico such as September 15 and 16 or November 20. What to do to take advantage of these seasons?
The vast majority of the activities in the destination can be enjoyed throughout the year. But there are some differences and benefits that can make these days something special.
Archaeological sites
The Yucatan Peninsula is an amazing place, full of magic, culture and natural landscapes. There will be no excuse for not planning a trip to one of the Mayan archeological sites. Since your arrival in Cancun in “El Meco”. Organizing a short trip to Chichen Itza in Yucatan. Until touring the Riviera Maya through Cobá and ending in the iconic landscape of Tulum.
An advantage of visiting these sites is to be able to enjoy them and travel them from top to bottom with much less people than there may be on vacation days. This also allows you to visit them in more flexible hours avoiding lines.
Being able to swim in the sea and rest on a cot or in the sand is one of the main purposes of escaping to the Riviera. The best way to do this is to enjoy those turquoise colors without worrying about having to leave the room early to reserve a place. Whether at your hotel or visiting a public beach, you can walk and choose the best place to enjoy the beach.
The nature of the cenotes
If yours is to explore the nature of the place to know its natural wonders. Also the low season brings a benefit for few known when visiting the cenotes. Since during the months of September and October, the weather and water conditions allow some of them to become even more crystalline. So you can observe perfectly the formations and aquatic gardens that bloom in them.
Visiting the Caribbean islands
The perfect place to romance. Cozumel, the third largest island in Mexico, is an ideal place to visit as you can find beach clubs and snorkeling places. Or you can simply enjoy a walk watching at sunset on its boardwalk. In Isla Mujeres, you can walk among its colorful buildings or visit a quiet beach. You can even tour the entire island from north to south in the vehicle of your choice. A little further away but a very romantic place is Holbox. If you travel alone with your partner it is a must destination to rest, relax and get out of the routine on this small island north of Quintana Roo.
Parks and attractions at your disposal
Cancun and the Riviera Maya have many experiences for any type of traveler. You will always find something new to do on your trip. Although it is always advisable to plan and book your visit in advance to find a better price, a non-holiday season guarantees not having to queue to enter or do any activity. You can also better plan your transfer times inside and outside the parks. This way you will take better advantage of each hour of the day.

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