Why you should visit Playa Del Carmen in 2022

Playa del Carmen is the heart of the Riviera Maya and that is not by chance. If you’ve ever visited Playa Del Carmen, don’t let me lie, it’s the place to go in 2022.

But why? Playa del Carmen has all the ingredients that big tourist cities have. Here we’ll tell you some of them…


Playa del Carmen is a relatively young city with only 28 years of existence and was the fastest growing city in Mexico for many years. At the beginning it was a fishing town, but the mystique of this place brought people from all over Mexico and the world.

It is enough to walk down 5th avenue to realize that multicultural coexistence is possible. It seems that Playa del Carmen smoothes out the rough edges and generates an atmosphere of harmony for all the tourists who visit it.

All the people who are here seem to make an agreement in silence, where their only commitment is to have a good time and enjoy these paradisiacal beaches.

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If you love to dance the night away, Playa del Carmen is definitely for you. Playa del Carmen’s famous 5th Avenue offers you a range of options like no other. You can enjoy a fish fry by the seashore, to eating the most succulent cuts of meat while gazing at Cozumel from a rooftop.

For those who want to dance all night long, there is the emblematic 12th street, this street gathers the best nightclubs in Mexico, where you can dance until dawn.

Crystalline Sea

It is true that sargassum has been affecting the Mexican Caribbean for the last few years, but since November of last year, strategies have been implemented to prevent the arrival of this algae.

These efforts have brought the sea back to that turquoise blue color that we love so much. Something that also makes us very excited is that the beach is recovering, there are more and more beaches to lie on and have a tan worthy of the Mexican Caribbean.

We can keep going and going about all the things that make Playa del Carme a Top Touristic city but it will be better if you try it.

Let us know what kind of information will you like to know before you arrive, we can give you some recomendations that will make your trip unforgetable



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Eduardo from All About Playa

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All About Playa

Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination for those who want to relax on beautiful beaches, enjoy a vibrant nightlife or experience a variety of activities and attractions.

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