Valladolid: A magic trip to the past!

This past weekend I woke up thinking I wanted to do something different, something magical, so I hoped in my car and decided to go a little further to visit our friendly neighbor, Yucatan. The idea was to drive to Valladolid, that beautiful magic town that everybody talks about.

valla 4

When we got there, we started to feel as if we had gone back in time. The town is filled with history, ancestry, and corners to discover, we got to the main square, Francisco Canton Rosado, which as any other town that went through the spanish conquest, has in its surroundings a catholic church, a park, beautiful chairs.

We started to get hungry as we walked and walked amazed by the architecture, we started smelling all the ‘marquesitas’ (crepe-like treats) I myself had one with jam, bananas and nutella, it was delicious!

A treat for your five senses

When we were a bit more relaxed and with a full tummy, we started walking and walking without a specific direction and we got to the colorful ‘Calzada de frailes’ that is named after being the conection between the monastery that is found at the end of the street and downtown, so it used to be the trail walked by the monks that used to live at the monastery.

But before we reached the monastery, we found the beautiful places that are found in the area, we saw a nice boutique cafe filled with Mexican charm, a nice colonial bed & breakfast, a man selling home made bread, colofrul flowers and beautiful vines coming off of the walls, handmade crafts being sold at very affordable prices.

It’s amazing how what can be seen as a simple street can turn into the most beautiful setting when you walk through it with no rush, a place to enjoy a quiet nice afternoon.

It’s a beautiful combination of tradition and nature!  

When we walked out of the monastery we decided to explore and we were so lucky to find a cenote right in the downtown area! Zaci’ meaning White sparrow’ that was the name of the prehispanic village that used to lie where Valladolid was founded, without a doubt we will be sure to visit this place again to see the real Mexico and to enjoy a lovely day at this Magic Town…



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Eduardo from All About Playa

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