Travel dreams become reality for adventurous couple

Adventurous Couple While success is often measured simply on income or career status, taking a leap of faith to follow your dreams and realize your potential can lead to greater gains.

Canadian couple Deb Corbeil and Dave Bouskill were not focusing on the financial outcome when they left their jobs in the film industry to pursue their passion for travel.

“We had always dreamed of being professional travelers, but this path was so unexpected, so against the norm. For years we were too scared to put the dream into action,” says Bouskill, who worked in the film industry. “We were working 14 to 16 hour days when we finally had enough. In 2009, we got up the nerve to quit our jobs and we’ve been traveling ever since.”

Their adventure travel blog,, is now ranked as one of the most popular travel blogs and receives sponsorship from tourism boards across the world. The couple are living proof that following your dreams can lead to gains beyond money or heightened career status.

Deb Corbeil added, “In the beginning, we thought it was crazy to give up our jobs and make traveling a full time career. We took the leap of faith, realized our potential, and are now traveling the world full time and getting paid for it!”

According to a survey conducted on behalf of American Express Canada, many people are already moving towards following their dreams and realizing their full potential. The survey looked at how adults feel about work, life and following your dreams, revealing a sense of fulfillment is a top priority for people in 2013.

Of those surveyed, nine in 10 (87%) stated it’s important to follow your dreams in life, despite other commitments getting in the way. What’s more, over eight in 10 (83%) stated they are striving to learn new things because they are on a quest for more meaning in their lives.

Deb and Dave agree that following your dreams isn’t as hard as it looks, suggesting more people should take the leap of faith and realize their full potential. Their advice? “You really can dream your way to anywhere.”

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