This next weekend: "Taste of Playa 2010"

Taste of Playa is an annual culinary event in Playa del Carmen that celebrates the creativity and cultural in­fluences of chefs throughout the Riviera Maya. The event promotes the unique culinary perspectives of local chefs, highlights new event venues and coordinates the efforts of local businesses and municipal governments.
In 2009, Taste of Playa captured the attention of national and international media and showed the spirit of multicultural cooperation that defines the modern Riviera Maya.
International culinary festivals are held throughout the world, with each host city highlighting the chefs, restaurants and retail food outlets that dene the culture of the area. Playa del Carmen is renowned for its diversity, its international infl­uences, its culinary expertise and its Caribbean lifestyle. The restaurants and food industry have played a major part in the development and definition of the Riviera Maya. This event provides local businesses with an opportunity to showcase the expertise of their talented chefs.
Famous for its pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and Caribbean lifestyle, Playa del Carmen is a place for those in search of an extraordinary vacation destination. The friendly people, the vibrant indigenous culture, and the remarkable biodiversity all contribute to a unique travel experience that will stay with visitors long after their suntan fades. Once a quiet seaside fishing village, Playa del Carmen has doubled its population in the past decade, attracting new residents from around the globe. Europeans, South Americans, Americans and Canadians have discovered this little slice of paradise, and have set up permanent homes as well as a myriad of internationally infl­uenced businesses.
The event location, Parque Fundadores, commemorates the Founders of Playa del Carmen and is a significant historical location within the city. Originally a community gathering spot where residents obtained their water, food and basic living essentials, this seaside location was the market hub for the then small village. As the population grew and the city expanded, the park evolved into a center for entertainment and events, with local businesses and vendors setting up shop around this central point. 
The event is scheduled for November 21, 2010. Local businesses and sponsors are supporting the operations of this food focused event, leaving chefs free to concentrate on the execution of their creations. Government and media support will promote this festival to local residents and tourists alike, inviting everyone to sample creations that normally they may not have the means or opportunity to enjoy.
Admission to Taste of Playa is free to the public with all inclusive VIP Passports and “Taste of Playa Pesos” available for sale. The Taste of Playa Pesos are used to purchase the signature dishes offered. Samples will have a value of 1 or 2 Taste of Playa Pesos (10 to 20 pesos in value). Taste of Playa Pesos and VIP Passports may be purchased at the event, ordered in advance or purchased online.
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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