The Sacred Mayan Journey 2010, an ancient ritual

The Sacred Mayan Journey will take place on 20,21 and 22 May this year. In this important sporting event involved people from many nationalities have been prepared for four months.

To recreate the Sacred Mayan Journey in such traditional sites as Xcaret, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen in order to re-establish an ancient practice. In the long run, it can form both a link to a cultural identity on many levels for the region’s inhabitants, as well as an attraction for local, national and international tourism.

The ancient Maya greatly venerated Ixchel, goddess of the Moon, the tides and fertility. Every year they would go on a pilgrimage to visit her at her principle sanctuary on the island of Cozumel. The main departure point was Polé (today’s Xcaret), whence they would cross the channel in wooden canoes.

Around 500 BC the pilgrimages to her oracle in the island of Cuzamil, today’s Cozumel, departed from the most remote cities in the Mayan world. The ports as Xamanhá, today’s Playa del Carmen, and Polé, served as a bridge to cross the deep waters of the Caribbean and venerate Ixchel. By the mid 16th Century, the navigation to the Indies was prohibited by the Spanish crown and the shrine of Ixchel disappeared.

This project was founded more than three years ago by Xcaret together with Cozumel and Solidaridad municipalities. Recovered from the written glyphs, narrated by the Chroniclers of the Indies and interpreted by the Maya culture specialists, today, Ixchel’s depiction helps us understand the intimate connection between the natural forces and the human nature. About 300 oarsmen made the contemporary history of this sacred journey, showing the world what discipline, attitude, faith and teamwork accomplish. The Sacred Mayan Journey is a shining example for Mexico to follow.

To guarantee the safety of boats and the canoeists is counted with the support of the Harbor, Naval Sector, Tourism Police and Civil Protection of Playa del Carmen.

The production of this significant event is possible thanks to the organization and support received from Xcaret, Mamita’s Beach Club, Quinta Magazine, Paradise Catamarans, Yaxche, the department of Culture and Tourism of Solidaridad.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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