The Riviera Maya: still growing!!

As you may know, Yucatan Peninsula has 2 airports: one in Cancun and one on Cozumel Island.
The construction of a third airport is planned!! It will be located near Tulum, few miles away in the northeast direction. Only 63 miles will separate Cancun and the new airport and only 40 miles with Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen.
The construction will start this year in 2012 with the excavation of 3,700 acres of jungle!! 2012 is going to be a huge year for Tulum!!!! For its first year, 700,000 persons will use this airport according to the experts’ forecast. For the 3rd year, the forecast of travelers is up to 3,000,000!! The construction of the airport will provide huge opportunities to the Riviera Maya!! Money will bring development and improvement to the region: new services, new business opportunities for companies. As tourism in Mexico is the 3rd of all revenue, it is easy to imagine how positive the effects will be on the Riviera Maya: new jobs for everyone, more money, better homes, better lifestyle.
But as the Mexican aviation industry is experiencing a crisis, the airport completion may have some delay. The mayor of the city insures however that the project will not be stopped or suspended. The first flights are not foreseen before 2016. For sure, after that date, we will see each other down here! and http://www.american-development.comwish you a good trip to Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

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