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Visiting a different country should be more than just a vacation. Visiting Mexico is not about choosing the best locations but about deciding the kind of experience you would like to add to your life. Think of wandering through lush forests with pristine waterfalls and exotic flowers or discovering small towns with meandering streets facing the mountains. Imagine walking into the jungle to find a pyramid by the sea or attending a concert of a symphony orchestra in an emblematic building of one of the biggest cities in the globe. It only takes a few hours to render yourself to unknown pleasures and enter a totally new dimension of experiences. In the Mexico you still haven’t seen there is a whole new world of possibilities to explore and adventure is yet to come.
This is the vacation I wanted to stay home. This is the thing I said wasn’t for me. This is the girl I was not supposed to meet. This is the life I would be missing.

Once an important site of worship for the Mayas, Tulum still keeps some of its splendor, and the beauty of its temples by the blue sea will dazzle you. All along the wonderful coastline of the Mayan Riviera, places like Milamores Beach will make you feel as if there is no other place to go —white sand and an unbeatable landscape where you can either ski on water or just relax until sunset comes and wait for an excelent  dinner under the stars. Then take the road to the Cenote Dos Ojos and plunge into its magical waters guided by a professional diver. You may want to stay there forever. 

Tulum, Quintana Roo
One of the main archeological sites of the country, this Mayan walled city is a must when you visit the Riviera. Walking through its streets it is possible to imagine ancient times in this part of the globe when the Mayan culture reached its peak. This is one of the best examples of the praised Mayan architecture.

 Milamores Beach, Quintana Roo

The Mayan Riviera is all spectacular beaches and amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. In Milamores you can find all kinds of activities, from water–skiing, snorkeling or skydiving to yoga or massages if you are feeling more like relaxing. The food is also excellent and a nice cocktail to accompany good reading is always available.

 Cenote Dos Ojos, Quintana Roo

Cenotes are transparent pools connected to subterranean water bodies. The Cenote Dos Ojos in the Riviera Maya is part of a cave system of at least 60 km and has surprisingly warm waters, which makes it perfect for snorkeling and diving. Customized tours are easy to find in Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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