The best ice cream shops in playa del Carmen

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July 17, the National Ice Cream Day… Delicious, cold, refreshing, creamy.

In Playa del Carmen there are many options to try plenty of ice cream flavors due to it being one of the quintessential desserts of the region because of the hot weather of the region, of course…

Here is my list of the best ice cream shops where you can delight your palate.

artik pop

Artik Pop

Located in Paseo del Carmen shopping mall on fifth avenue, Artik Pop you can find ice creams and popsicles of so many flavors that you could try a different one every day for the next month and barely finish trying them all and in the end, you will still be coming back because it is so good that now you can’t make it trough a hot day without a taste of it.

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Amorino, an Italian brand that sells a French invention in a store in Mexico… it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that it’s simply delightful. You can find this internationally recognized ice cream shop in Playa del carmen’s equally internationally recognized 5th Ave. The shop is slick and polished, perfect to take a break from the always alive 5th avenue.

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ah cacao

Ah Cacao

This is a special entry for a shop that sells something else besides ice cream, the coffee you can find in this place it’s just exquisite. You can order a cold or frappé coffee or if you feel cold at a temperature of 93º F you can order a hot coffee or even better, la especialidad de la casa, a Mayan chocolate, prepared with hot spices. Talking about the place specialties, you can’t miss the chocolate bar which is made from almost pure cocoa.

Check Ah Cacao menu

Tita Gelato

We have already toured the ice cream shops along the always crowded fifth avenue, now let’s go to a quieter place. Tita Gelato, 15 minutes from the center of Playa del Carmen, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center on one of the main streets of PDC but little traffic. Here you can find more than 10 tasty flavors of ice cream and outside the shop you will find a couple of tables to chill while you eat. Or if you prefer it, you can order a liter of ice cream to take away, or even better, a KILO of ice cream (2.2 pounds).

Check Tita Gelato menu on the delivery app Rappi

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