Mexico’s Many Tourism Investment Advantages

Calling all entrepreneurs. If you are looking to make a splashy investment in the future of tourism, Mexico may have the opportunity that you are looking for. According to a report in Mexico News Daily, the tourism ministry is looking for savvy investors to back several upcoming projects, including a tourist train, hotels, golf courses and a retirement community. …

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Habitas, a New Hotel in Tulum, Turns the Stale Idea of a Beach Resort on its Head

Come for the beach, stay for the glamping-style tents, daily ashtanga yoga, fresh-pressed juices, and bamboo-enclosed outdoor showers. Most beach resorts are designed to appeal to as many people as possible—which usually ends up meaning that they offend few, but leave a lasting impression on almost no one. The cookie-cutter, design-by-committee tropes—turquoise wall-to-wall carpeting, hibiscus …

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Flying from Cancun to Los Angeles with Delta

Adrian Schofield flies DL938, from Mexico, to the USA The plane: Boeing 737-800, a type you’ll see a lot of in the US. The seat: 24C, about four rows back from the wife and kids. I didn’t plan it that way, honest. The seat was comfortable enough for a medium-haul flight. [button link=”″ size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Read …

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San Antonio couple speaks after romantic mermaid engagement photo shoot goes viral

He may be the most romantic man in San Antonio, but sorry ladies, he’s off the market. Eric Martinez used a special vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico, in June to pop the question to his then girlfriend Cammy Rynae Cuoco. [button link=”″ size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Read more[/button]

Mexico: Ritual flying in magical town Cuetzalan

Cuetzalan, Mexico – In 2009, the Danza de los Voladores, or Dance of the Flyers, was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the UN agency responsible for education, science and culture. It is a pre-Colombian, Mesoamerican ceremony that is still practised in very few areas of Mexico. The ceremony is a rain and fertility dance seeking …

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3 Top Index Funds to Keep You in the Investing Game

There are good reasons why index funds are incredibly popular investment vehicles. After all, they deliver instant diversification at extremely low costs. They also tend to outperform most managed funds over long time periods. [button link=”” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Read more[/button]  

The Surprising Top 10 List Of Best Places To Retire Abroad

Another surprise: eight of those didn’t even make the Top 10 in the 2016 list from Live and Invest Overseas. “That surprised me too,” said Lief Simon, investment editor at Live and Invest Overseas and husband of the group’s founder and publisher, Kathleen Peddicord. [button link=”″ size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”][/button]