Romantic Things To Do In Playa Del Carmen

…when a simple dinner is not enough…

While I might occasionally write about checking out chicks in bikinis and being perennially single, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a romantic side.

Before I came to Playa Del Carmen I thought romance consisted of watching a movie and then stopping at the KFC drive thru on the way home.

I once took a girl on a date to a service station.

We had some KFC hot wings to start, a Burger King ‘Whopper’ for the main meal, and then a McFlurry for dessert.

That relationship didn’t last long…

But in the last few years in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve discovered that there’s a whole lot more to romance than fast food.

So I’ve compiled a little list of romantic things to do in Playa Del Carmen.

Some I’ve done…and I have to say I’ve been quite successful.

The others were recommended by girlfriends of mine.


The Most Romantic Beaches In Playa Del Carmen

Many of the most romantic things to do in Playa Del Carmen involve the Caribbean beach.

The main tourist beach isn’t going to be your best choice.

It can get a little crowded, and you want a combination of privacy and beauty.

Try the resort beaches at the southern side of Playacar.

For example Sandros Playacar has a great beach, but then it continues for miles and miles past the resorts.

So you’ll have it all to yourself.

Also try out Maroma beach.

If you’ve got transport you can also take a drive along the coast and pick out your own secluded paradise.

Romantic Things To Do On A Playa Del Carmen Beach

Now that you’ve picked a beach, you’ve got to be romantic.

  • Like walking along the sand at sunset while doing some hardcore handholding.
  • Or falling asleep together in a quiet spot.
  • But why not go skinny dipping in the ocean.  Make sure the water is deep enough to cover your bodies and then have a little frolic in the water.
  • If you find a secluded enough beach then you could also hide behind a beach umbrella and make out.
  • Listen to some classical guitar on the beach at dusk (like the music in the video below).

More Ideas For Romantic Things To Do In Playa Del Carmen

I’m just going to go crazy and list a load of ideas.

I’m sure you can find one that will most impress your lovely lady (or man for that matter).

  • Like taking a ferry ride to Cozumel island at sunset.
  • Or walking down 5th Ave hand in hand. This is a good one if you’re not much of a talker as there are always humorous looking American tourists to laugh at on this street.
  • If you want to really impress then go shopping at Liverpool. That’s not the English city that’s home of the Beatles. It’s an upscale department store that burns a hole through your wallet. Even if you can’t afford it you can how fun looking around.
  • You could get drunk on tequila together. It might not be very romantic. But it’s definitely funny.
  • Alternatively make reservations for a candlelit dinner on the beach. One of the best ones for this is Buccanos. It’s on the beach on Cozumel island.

Romantic Activities Around Playa Del Carmen

You don’t need to limit your romance to Playa Del Carmen.

  • Why not rent a yacht and spend the night sleeping on the ocean?
  • Or just rent a boat for a couple of hours and get a long way away from any other people?
  • I think the ruins at Coba would make a very romantic setting. They’re aren’t very touristy and there are plenty of places where you can escape and enjoy them all for yourself.
  • How about going to Akumal and swimming with sea turtles at sunrise?
  • Or taking the ferry across to Cozumel at sunset?

What If You Want To Organize Something Really Unique

If you’re looking to push the boat out and really impress with some uber romance in Playa Del Carmen, then I recommend contacting Brenda at Ajua weddings.

Romance is her middle name!

She has a thriving wedding planning business and can tell you about all the hidden spots around Playa Del Carmen.

Another thing she can organize is getting a local mariachi band to play some acoustic songs to you and your significant other.

Is there anything more romantic than having a private candlelit dinner with a classical guitarist gently strumming away?

What’s The Number One Romantic Thing To Do In Playa Del Carmen?

If everyone did the same thing, then it wouldn’t be very romantic, would it?

But I see many couples walking hand in hand down 5th Ave and then ducking into the first fancy looking tequila bar they can find.

Another popular choice is going to a high end resort and chilling out on the comfy beds on the beach.

Then again, the list is endless.

Perhaps you want to treat someone and take them swimming with dolphins.

Or enjoy a luxurious hotel room with double jacuzzi.

Whatever romantic activity you choose in Playa Del Carmen, I’m sure it’s going to be better than taking a chick to a fast food restaurant!

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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