This Puebla tradition travels the streets of Playa del Carmen

puebla tradition - camote trolley

If you hear a deep whistle in the night, someone is about to arrive: the only camotero in Playa del Carmen is coming with his camote trolley. chargrilled sweet potatoes (camotes) and plantains are a tradition of Puebla, but this peddler has been travelling the streets of Playa for the last 20 years.

Noé de Jesús, Playa’s own camotero, started off in Cancún, and established his business in PDC since 1999. He himself builds his locomotive-looking trolleys, as mandated by the tradition of Puebla. These trolleys incorporate a grill, a drawer for camote, a compartment for timber and a steam chimney. In turn, it is this steam chimney that generates the whistle we all recognize.

The camote trolley is really heavy, so travelling all the streets in Playa can take over five months. For that reason, it is known that it only passes by each street twice a year. Many await his arrival for months. Others take a look at each day’s route, as Noé de Jesús posts it everyday.

You can check the daily route in their Facebook, at El Carrito Camotero.

A sample of the daily routes of the camote trolley.

Each portion of camote or plantain incorporates the main chargrilled dish and a side of dulce de leche (a Hispanic dessert of milk and caramel). Its total cost is about $35 pesos, ($1.60 in US dollars and €1.35).

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Next time the whistle comes by, don’t miss your chance to try this delicacy. Your next opportunity might be next year!

Source: Quinta Fuerza.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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