Playa del Carmen, Is it really Safe?

Playa del Carmen SafePlaya del Carmen, well known for its stunning scenery and perfect climate, has recently become a hot spot for Americans and Canadians looking to move to the Caribbean, or just to have a second home.  But is it safe?

This is a legitimate question. Mexico has a bad rep. Just watch the news.  In between the Corona Commercials and images of Caribbean Paradises, viewers a constantly reminded of crimes and negativity.  So if that is true, why are so many investing there?

To answer this question one has to look a little deeper.  Recently a study was commissioned by Daniel Fisher, Director of an important Australian Youth Group that was asked to find out how safe visitors really are in the country.  The facts may surprise you and put some of your concerns at ease.  As a visitor in Mexico:

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Annie from All About Playa

Annie from All About Playa

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All About Playa

Playa del Carmen provides everything one could wish for the Caribbean location: luxury hotels with all the amenities that international travelers require. 

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