Playa del Carmen as a destination continues to gain global attention.

Tourist activity in Playa del Carmen – in the heart of the  Riviera Maya – is moving along at a pace of continued growth.  Hurricane Rina receded to a tropical depression and has had absolutley no effect on the area´s tourism activities. By this December, the winter season, hotel occupancy is expected to be greater than 90 percent. The following indexes have all reported positive growth.

There has been no adverse effects of the image of the destination by the passage of tropical storm Rina.  Playa´s emergency resources worked great. They were tested positive by the immediate activation of preventive measures since the first warnings were issued, said Melissa Lopez, municipal director of Tourism. She said that during a visit by the tourist promotional board hours after the storm made land fall that  it was found that economic activity and was reactivated by 90 percent. Most of the shops had opened. In the afternoon, 100% of the shops were open.

During a contingency count it was found that there were 45 thousand tourists in the Riviera Maya destination. From the time of the first alert it was confirmed that each of the hotels located in the city and the tourist corridor of the Riviera Maya had a Guest Locator system that worked well. In addition, official reports issued from the Operating Committee for hurricanes, which personally coordinated Filiberto Martinez,  consuls, leaders of chambers of commerce, and other associations- had maintained a continuous flow of communication. Playa Del Carmen has made it thru the Hurricane system with just a sprinkle!

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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