New tourist tax in Quintana Roo starting April

New tourist tax, all that you need to know.

The state’s Secretary of Tourism declared that travelers landing in Quintana Roo from next April 1st will have to pay more than 200 pesos of an extra cost.

The charge will be required to different travelers who arrive at Quintana Roo as of April 1st.

The fee is around $224 pesos (around 11 USD). Those who come to study, work, or in another capacity other than tourism, as well as those under 15 years of age, are excluded from this payment.

New tourist tax in Playa del Carmen

The Ministry of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan) has until March 31 to announce operating rules on how this new application will work.

Visitors will be capable to determine when to pay this fee.

It could be from the moment they plan their journey.

When booking their flights, upon landing at the destination’s airports, throughout their stay or when departing the country.

The visitors have to get on the Visitax website, where have to fill an application and request the make the payment. Once the payment is made, the user gets a barcode that must be displayed in the immigration filters. Likewise, the Mexican government will enable a module at airports where payment can be made.

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