Mexico for Boomers

Traveling to Latin America, particularly to Mexico, is popular for baby boomers, generally believed to be travelers between the ages of 54-74 years old.

Travel is the ultimate form of escapism and boomers, who generally have more free time on their hands after retirement, are like everyone else and desire to get away from it all—but there are several ways boomers like to experience a destination that are likely to emphasize culture and comfort.

Focus on Food and Drink

Gastronomic experiences are popular across all generations these days, and Mexico, in particular, is well known for its tantalizing cuisine. Whether it’s margaritas and micheladas or seafood ceviche and street tacos, the country’s culinary heritage beckons many a traveler.

Visitors can take advantage of daylong mezcal tours in Oaxaca, chocolate experiences in Mexico City, cooking classes in Cancun, mole poblano journeys in Puebla and street food tours in Puerto Vallarta, just to name a few.

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