Mexico? A happy country!!

Joy division

Even if Mexico does not experience the best GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and even if Mexicans are not the richest guys in the world, they seem happy to live!! 

Indeed, according to a survey made by Ipsos whom are advertising research specialists and conducted to over 19,000 adults in 24 countries, Mexico states in the 3rd rank of the happiest country. It seems that, in general, the developing countries are the happiest in the world. And, on the contrary, developed countries in Europe are rather gloomy than happy. 

Yes, money cannot buy happiness! No need to have a big house, a pool, a garden, 3 computers and 5 TVs. It will not make you happy even if it is for sure a plus. It reinforces your positive feelings. But you cannot draw your happiness from objects. Otherwise it is not truly well-founded. It will not last long as at every single moment, you can lose your goods ie. (by being robbed, by a natural disaster, by selling them for X reason, etc.). It seems that developing countries have understood it before the industrialized ones.

The Mexicans can be proud of being happy. They know better than Europeans the value of the family, of the traditions, the value also of simple pleasures and they know to satisfy themselves with what they have. This one is the most precious sources of happiness.

Here at, we daily feel  this Mexican happiness. We can insure you that Playa Del Carmen and its inhabitants are full of it. We have tried to express a bit of it on canada2playa.comCheck it out!

Warm sunny hugs from all of us here!  We hope one day, if you haven’t already, you will fill your heart with warmth, happiness and love. 

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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