Mayakoba’s beach rehabilitation

Riviera Maya has some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. However these beaches are also very fragile. Sadly, over the past 10 years the beach size has been reduced due to the erosion of the natural reef.

Mayakoba and OHL are taking actions on this situation and now are planning to recover 25 meters of beach-space, no t only that but they also want to set a new artificial reef that will help the rehabilitation of the natural corals.

beach playa del carmen

With the help of scientists from UNAM (Autonomous University of Mexico) an eco-friendly and sustainable plan has been elaborated which includes the introduction of baby corals to a new area. This project named “adopt a coral” is set to start in august and September if the weather conditions allow the introduction of these creatures to their new habitat.

With an initial investment of 8 million dollars, this rehabilitation will be an example of a solution for a situation that is definitely becoming a bigger problem, solving this now is important in order to preserve these white sands and blue oceans.

You can also help if you are in Playa del Carmen! Just remember to avoid leaving garbage when you go to the beach, use bio-degradable sunscreen and teach your kids about the importance of the environment for the whole world.

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We wish Mayakoba a successful rehabilitation. We want to visit your beach as soon as they get better.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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