Graffiti Artist embellishes the entrance to Villas del Sol

Graffiti artist in charge of painting entrance of Villas del Sol

Thousands of people pass by the entrance of Villas del Sol, as it is one of the most populated areas in Playa del Carmen. That is why the neighbors of this Fraccionamiento have contacted the graffiti artist Daniel Illescas. The community commended Eksa (his artistic name) with painting various places in the entrance with his particular style.

Eksa is known because he is a former resident of Playa del Carmen, where he did some of his works. As this graffiti artist carried out the paintings in Villas del Sol, he trained the local youth in his style and techniques. Now, it is the youth who is going to continue, as they are in charge of painting the parks.

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Source: Quinta Fuerza.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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