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The program will last from March to September, so a call was made to the population and tourists, to help with the work done, because during 2018, only 365 nests were rescued, with an approximate of 100 eggs each, which it was returned the lowest period of the record

The municipality of Isla Mujeres, through the tortugranja organization, formally started the program of protection and conservation of the sea turtle 2019, in which they expect to attend an approximate of 1,500 nests.

The director of tortugranja, Delfine Guadalupe García Canto, said that the program will be held from March to September and among the actions to be carried out are the surveillance and rescue of turtle nests, through patrolling at night, with the support of volunteers.

He added that during 2018, only 365 nests were salvaged, with an approximate of 100 eggs each, which made it the lowest period in which it was recorded.

Therefore, they have implemented this series of programs that have become self-sustaining, thanks to the charges they apply to access the tortugranja facilities, said the official.

Three species predominate within the establishment, the white turtle, the loggerhead and the hawksbill, the latter having the least record in the locality.

Calling tourists

Because the areas where turtles usually spawn are tourist sites, Guadalupe García Canto called on domestic and foreign tourists to respect the signs that exist to care for the species.

“There are places that are marked where they have signs that say that it is a nesting area for turtle eggs. The most important thing is to respect those recommendations that exist. If they say no ATVs, respect that, “said the director of tortugranja.

He added that within the recommendations that tourists should take into account, they are not to light the turtles if they see them spawn, not touch them, not photograph them, or try to help them. Only let the animals have their cycle, he said.

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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