Did you know Playa has 5 health centers!

Did you know the Solidaridad municipality has five health centers that provide quality services at low cost? According to several sources- From suture to control programs for diabetes, these medical units are prepared to receive and respond to everyone. Colonies located in the Luis Donaldo Colosio, July 28, Nicte-Ha, fractionation and delegation La Guadalupana Puerto Aventuras, the centers receive a daily basis to all citizens who require medical services, attended by costs ranging from 20-100 pesos .

The health unit of the colony Luis Donaldo Colosio, from April to date have provided more than five thousand five hundred gynecology, general medicine, internal, family planning, health talks, diabetes and laboratory services, according to Data provided by the Municipal Department of Health. In the colony Nicte Ha priority attention in terms of family planning, prenatal care, menopause and menopause, as well as diabetic and hypertensive, having provided over 430 services in the same period. Aware of the needs of families, Filiberto Martinez, mayor, has issued instructions to improve care.

Integral Health Unit Women’s (USIM) “July 28” is located in the colony of the same name. Here the women have all the gynecology and their families in the dental office. When you have attended more than one thousand 900 people. Among the services offered in the division and delegation La Guadalupana Puerto Aventuras is able to serve more than 800 people. From June 28 to July 3 were applied over 600 thousand Sabin vaccine, pentavalent, anti hepatitis B, pneumococcus, rotavirus, MMR and influenza, the latter children, youth and adults.

To prevent the spread of dengue and malaria and to improve the clean image of Solidarity, the direction of Health has permanently Patio Clean program, which was achieved by collecting 60 tons of pots and benefit more than five thousand 300 families.With precise actions Municipal Government protects, prevents and directs citizens to provide health for all.

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