Day of the Dead “A tradition that lives and will live in Mexican Culture forever”

 A reflection of tday of the deadhe blend of two cultures Mexican and  Spanish, this date creates  multiple effects on people,  different expressions and    feelings. It is one of the most  important celebrations in  Mexico: A chance to worship  ancestors and late family  members as death is the  hardest life event to explain and  has been in all cultures  at all times an object of reflection,  ceremonies and  rituals.

For me as a young Mexican woman brought up in a traditional home, raised by a very catholic grandmother this holiday is very special. I remember my grandmother setting up the altar, Usually the festivities begin from October 28th when the placement of the offering is made. The main days are November 1st and 2nd. There is a belief that the dead return, altars with offerings are prepared, this being the most important feature of the celebration. The offering is an offering of care and service for the dead. It is the sacred place where the living honor the dead, therefore the altars with offerings play a key role in the celebration of Day of the Dead. My grandma was always very respectful and excited about honoring her late parents, relatives and even famous figures she admired. I started embracing this tradition after my Grandmother Gaby passed away in 2012, I finally understood the importance of it in my culture, My mother kept honoring this tradition in the same way until today, it’s a chance to just stop, breathe, sit and remember all those things we loved about our relatives that are no longer with us, honor them listening to their music and eating their favorite meals. I got to understand the meaning of this holiday, so special for many people. I can even describe it in one thought “The day of the dead is a celebration of what makes us infinite and immortal, love! The true love we leave on earth when we go on to the next life, the love that never dies, that we pass on from generation to generation” Celebrating Day of the Dead is a friendly coexistence between the living and those who are “on the road ahead of us” this festival maintains ties and tradition among the members of every community in México. So if you are visiting Playa del Carmen on this time of the year you will definitely enjoy the flavors and the feeling of this very important holiday in Mexican culture, If you are looking for vacation rentals visit vacationrentalinplaya  to find a great place to stay and have the trip of your dreams, enjoying the real Day of the dead Playa experience.


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