What happens this year with the “Grito”? The Cry of Dolores 2020 in Playa del Carmen

Palacio Municipal - Cry of Dolores

Every year on September 15th, the Government holds a “Cry of Dolores” in the main square of the town, to celebrate the Independence of Mexico from Spain. On a national level, the President of the Republic holds the main cry at the Plaza del Zócalo in Ciudad de México. Apart from that, multitude of cries are spread across Mexico, in every State capital (i.e. Chetumal for Quintana Roo) and at every City Council.

Playa del Carmen has decided that this year, there will be Cry of Dolores. At 11:30, the President Laura Beristain will do her own Cry at the 28th of July Square, on the balcony of the old City Council balcony. The protocol act will be just after the Grito de Independencia of Ciudad de México and Chetumal.

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However, these trying times of 2020 have compromised the safety of this celebration as it is usually done. As a result, the event will be without public. The main attendants will be members of the City Council and the 64th Infantry Battalion.

The authorities will not stop people from going to the square. Nevertheless, they seriously advise that they watch the Cry of Dolores on social media. As another disincentive, there won’t be any concerts and performances, as it is usual with every September 15.

On the 16th of September

In every Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, there is a military parade, and this year will be no exception. At 8:00 AM, heads of the Local Police plus the Army, the Navy and the National Guard will march. The itinerary will be from the Mario Villanueva stadium to the 28th of July Square, where the President of the Local Council will receive them. Nevertheless, the parade will only contain vehicles, not walking march, in order to protect the health of people and soldiers.

Source: Canal 10 Noticias.

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