Get your COVID-19 test in Playa del Carmen

get your covid-19 test in Playa del Carmen

Did you have a contact of risk in the last few days? Do you experience some of the symptoms of COVID-19? In many ways, it is advisable that you get a COVID-19 test: for your certitude, to protect the people around you, and to take the appropriate measures. Thus, let’s review some of the places where you can get your COVID-19 test in Playa del Carmen.

By the way, the most demanded test is the nasal-PCR, which certifies that you have the virus at the moment the test was taken. In consequence, this is the test mostly required for traveling and crossing borders.

Get a COVID-19 test in Playa del Carmen

get your covid-19 test in Playa del Carmen

1. Hotels running tests for COVID-19

Basically, there is a new trend: Hotels are increasingly offering tests for their guests and staff. That is especially true for 4 and 5-star hotels. E.g. The Grupo Lomas is one of the chains with this service. Some of the Hotels they have are el Dorado, Generations, Hidden Beach, Xolumado, and El Cielo. Regarding the cost of the tests, it is around $233 USD per person + $170 USD per extra person.

2. Costamed COVID-19 tests

Very popular among expats, Costamed has excellent medical attention and many kinds of COVID tests. Here are the types and price tiers:

  •  PCR test: $2,499 Mexican pesos or $126 dollars at the clinic. At home, it is $2,849 Mexican pesos or $141 USD.
  • In another case, they also do rapid blood tests. For this test, you have three options. The first is doing it at the clinic, for $799 pesos or $40 dollars. Second, you can do it at home for $1,149 pesos or $58 dollars. Lastly, you can add a medical general consultation to the home testing, for $1,449 pesos or $73 dollars.
  • In addition, if you want an extended blood test plus a general medical consultation, it costs $2,117 Mexican pesos or $105 US dollars.
  • Lastly, for a rapid antigen test, it has a cost of $699 pesos or $35 dollars.

In any case, to book an appointment to get tested, call +52 984 803 7777.

3. Laclicsa

Laclicsa is the most famous clinical laboratory in Playa del Carmen, and it has offices in Playa, Cancún, and Cozumel. To get a COVID-19 test in Playa del Carmen, they are an excellent choice. In that respect, these are the tests they offer:

  • The PCR test, for 2,994 pesos or $151 dollars.
  • Additionally, a Rapid blood test costs $999 pesos or $50 dollars,
  • Last, antigen tests, from $1528 pesos or $78 dollars.

In any event, the three of them can be taken at home for an extra cost. Nevertheless, it is not specified how costly that extra service is. To book an appointment, call them at +52 984 980 0686.

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