Vera Lucia's Pasteles

This is Vera Lucia’s. Last night I decided to stop by for an early evening coffee. It just so happened that Vera, the Brazilian Pastry

Beach Clubs: Fusion

The lights of the island town of Cozumel glimmer brightly along the night-time horizon. The calm, cool ocean breeze blows gently against your face and

Beach Clubs: KOOL

You hear the steadily growing roar of the crowd grow stronger and stronger as the steady flow of bass ebbs through your body, coming to

Playa's Sports Bars

Can’t miss that playoff Hockey game? Would never dream of spending Superbowl Sunday anywhere else than in front of a big screen? Need your UFC

El Fogon: Tacos to Die For

One of the best parts of taking a vacation to another country is being able to be immersed in and experience another culture. A huge

Riveria Maya #1 Destination

As one could have expected, data released from as part of the Expedia group places the Riviera Maya firmly in first place on the

Yaxche, Mayan Cuisine

Yaxche is a unique experience and you’ll most probably eat something here you’ve never tried before. It is located in Playa del Carmen on the corner