Best pulpo in the Caribe at Pulpo & Aparte

So you like pulpo but 8 out of 10 times you order it at any restaurant is either under or overcooked? Whichever it is pulpo turns out to be simply unchewable! Pulpo & Aparte is THE place if you, like me, have had this issue before. Here pulpo is not the specialty, is everything!


Pulpo & Aparte
Tuna Tostada


Pulpo wings, pulpo and avocado pizza, pulpo ceviche, pulpo and castacan tacos, pulpo grilled cheese sandwich, you name it! This place has everything and more. Even if you’re not a fan of pulpo or seafood, they have other options, and their mixology is simply amazing!

At the bar, you’ll meet Julio, his specialty: anything with mezcal; my personal favorite? Mezcalita de Fresa. This delicious drink is intended to be a margarita but is made with mezcal instead which makes it dry but the strawberries keep the drink fresh. Happy Hour is every day from 4-6!


Pulpo & Aparte Mixology
Mezcalita de Fresa

Other offers you can find there are the “Menu del Día” or the menu of the day, for $150 MXP you can get a dish from the options they have, a nonalcoholic drink, and dessert. On Wednesdays’ they have the “All You Can Eat Tostadas” for $279 MXP.

Where is it located?


Pulpo & Aparte is on 34th street between 10th and the famous 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen. There you’ll be greeted by Karla and Diego. They are easy to identify as they always have a smile, a great attitude, and excellent service to offer, and a courtesy broth.

Do they have vegetarian options at Pulpo & Aparte?


Yes, they do! Wood-Fired Beets with Homemade Jocoque, Eggplants and Cheese Pizza, Coconut Ceviche are just a few of the options. And your pets are welcome too!

Don’t forget to ask for their salsa made with a base of oil and Chile de Arbol to take home!

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