A day in the “Zona Maya”

There are a lot of places to go and things to do in the Zona Maya (Mayan zone), delicious beverages, fresh air, lagoons and cenotes (sink holes),with crystal clear waters and of course Mayan ruins, historical remains from an ancient culture, that it’s still alive nowadays. You can have a great family day visiting all the places the Mayan Zone has to offer, Museums, archaeological zones, colonial churches lagoons and cenotes , places where anyone can spend the hole day.

You can make arrangements and take a jungle tour, where you will see all the wildlife and biodiversity Quintana Roo has. Before going to the jungle, you can have a superb breakfast, prepared with all the delicacies the state has to offer.

Local people are often nice and and warm, they are also wonderful hosts willing to share their culture and traditions. They are skillful cooks, preparing traditional Mayan food with recipes passed down through generations where you can enjoy delicious and authentic Mayan dishes.

Colorful and traditional, the city of Carrillo Puerto has nice hotels where you can spend the night, so you can head early in the morning to Chunyaxche and Muyil, in the northern part of the municipality.

These towns are famous for their beautiful Mayan ruins and the lagoon, a place where ancient Mayans carved and traced canals.

Going down to “La lagarera” natural reserve we can ride a bicycle throughout its natural hills and then have a pleasant pic nic in Nueva Loria.

Lagoons like Balam and Laguna Azul offer beautiful crystal clear waters, full of flora and fauna where you can spend the day in a unmatchable natural place.

And finally, the natural reserve of Sian Kan ‘an , where you can camp at night, and visit the ceremonial sites of Tixcacal guardia, Chanca Veracruz and the sanctuary of “De la cruz parlante” that form the ritual attractive where you can see the Mayan customs and traditions.
(Source: The International.com)

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