Why Buying Real Estate in Playa del Carmen is a Good Investment

This city is booming and has been registered as the fastest growing community in all of Latin America. What is bringing the growth in this region? The main factor is coming from the increase in tourism, the increase in hotel rooms being constructed and thus increases in employment. Playa del Carmen is a unique market given it is located right next to the Caribbean Ocean.

People can walk to all major attractions of the city. Walk to the beach, walk to 5th avenue, walk to the hospital, grocery stores, clinics. The tourists love this area first of all due to the beaches and the ocean. But also because of the wonderful nightlife and activities found along the world famous 5th avenue. With approximately 4 miles of pedestrian walkways, full of small cafes, international restaurants, and boutique shops, visitors have days of leisurely activities of shopping or just sitting to people watch.

The Playa del Carmen real estate market is also influenced to a large extent by the attractiveness of its beaches. Some of the country’s and the world’s most beautiful beaches are located here in this beach side community. The city has uniquely developed alongside the Mexican
Caribbean Sandy beachfronts. This has allowed for views onto the turquoise waters from various blocks back into the city giving the uniqueness and lure for people. And finally the other important influence that brings people to Playa are the people themselves. Being on the eastern side of Mexico, and with its natural beauties, many Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and people from South America have chosen this community as their second or primary dwelling. With these new year round residences, it is very common to hear Italian, French, English accents, and American English spoken all with a one block stroll on the beach. This cosmopolitan community, the beaches, the population growth have all been important factors making the Playa del Carmen real estate market one of the strongest in all of Latin America.

Playa del Carmen is located in the middle of the Riviera Maya region on the Mexican Caribbean sea. South of Cancun approximately 40 miles and north of Tulum approximately 30 miles. Playa del Carmen was a small fishing village less than 15 years ago. This was the ferry dock for people passing through from Cancun to get to Cozumel. Soon though, people began noticing the wonderful beaches in Playa del Carmen and liked the idea of not having the crowds of its northern neighbor of Cancun. It is mentioned that the European backpackers were the first to start setting up little shops on 5th avenue, and today it has grown to include over 16 blocks full of cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores.

The nearest international airport exists 40 minutes away at the Cancun Airport. Shuttle buses, transport buses and taxis are constantly traveling back and forth between Playa del Carmen and this international terminal. Within the city limits, a small airport exists for taxi services between Cozumel and Cancun and for tourist flights.

Along with the beaches, Playa del Carmen has many additional sports and activities that can be enjoyed and talked about in recent blogs. Scuba diving on the second largest reef system of the world is at the footsteps of the people living or visiting this seaside community. Do you want to explore more of the underwater world? Explore the vast and incredible waters of the cenotes and the cave systems of the Yucatan peninsula. It is claimed to have one of the largest underground water system of the world. Golfing? The entire region of the Riviera Maya is now dubbed the Latin American golf capital. With approximately 6 new golf courses along its shorelines, one of which is now the host of the first PGA golf tournament to be held in Latin America. Sailing, fishing, biking, kayaking, all are favorite pastimes living in this zone which can be enjoyed all year long. Contact us for more information on these subjects.

Buying real estate in Playa del Carmen can afford a lifestyle which is a mixture of fraternity life and vacation time.

Playa del Carmen enjoys warm weather all year round. From February to May the average temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. While the nights are cool, sweaters and jackets normally aren’t needed. Summertime in Playa del Carmen, from June to August can be very warm. Hats and cotton clothing are the normal dress. The temperature for these months is generally around 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is also the rainy season. Most rain falls in the afternoon in the form of a short but heavy thunderstorm. The winter months in Playa, September to January, are a little cooler, but not by much. The temperature usually sits around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and there may be a little rainfall during the night.

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