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What's happening in Playa del Carmen - January 2021

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year! We are glad to present you with some of the hottest events on this month, January 2021. Safe parties, flea markets, ancestral rituals, cultural activities… we have something for all tastes. 


Of course, we want you to enjoy Playa safely, so we have a health safety check with an update on COVID-19 in Playa del Carmen.

Last, if you are reading us from outside, we have a flight price watch for travelers from the US and Canada. Plan ahead, and see you soon!

Things to do in Playa del Carmen - Jan 21


  • FEM market, with women entrepreneurs and artisans of the area. Sunday, January 17; more details here.
  • Artisans’ market, at the end of Quinta Avenida (5th with CTM Avenue). Open every day. 
  • Local market. Where locals go to find artisan goods, organic ingredients, and delicious food. On the 20th Avenue with 8th street. Open every weekend in the evenings. 

Nature, Body & Spirit

Temazcal and Cacao Ceremony for the Full Moon. Following the Ancient traditions of the Mexica and Mayan peoples, Temazcal is a ritual to purify your body and soul in a special rock dome full of steam vapors. January 30, link here.


  • Girls take power – an only women+LGBT people night with female DJs from all over Mexico. January 19. Link here.
  • Retrowaves party with DJ Syname. Attendance is free, with music centered on the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Friday the 15th.
  • Pool Party Montero Bday Bash (with safety protocols). At Selina Playa del Carmen, on January 24. More info here.


  • African Dance & Drum Class. Includes three mini-workshops in 4 hours: drum, dance, and singing. Conducted by trainers with 20 years of experience. More info here.
  • Open-air Science Cinema and Debate: The subterranean world of Mexico. January 22, open entrance.
get ahead of the calendar 2021

Get ahead of the calendar!

Coming up in the next months we have the following events. (if you are interested, make sure to plan ahead!):

Valentine’s Day

Playa is not only a very romantic place where honeymooners and lovers come to all the time. It is also the place of the annual Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding. It is a major event in the city you can sign up to -they probably follow health measures this year-.

Zamna Festival

It is a prestigious electronic music festival held in Tulum every year in April. https://zamnafestival.com/ 

Arena Festival

The biggest music festival for gay and lesbian people in Mexico is held in Playa del Carmen every March.

green check

Health Check

In Playa del Carmen we are very lucky. We have an almost flat curve, thanks to the climate, the low population density, and the Government efforts.

At the moment, there are only 127 confirmed cases in the Playa del Carmen local district. That number is in total, which makes an abysmal difference with any major city in the US. For instance, only yesterday Chicago had 5,162 new cases, New York had 14,179 cases, Houston had 23,766 cases, and Toronto had 6,847 new positive cases.

As a result, in Playa del Carmen we enjoy very soft restrictions. Our safety traffic light is yellow, which means that as long as we take precautions, we can go to work, go to restaurants, the beach, and other public spaces normally. Yay!

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Flight check

Flight watch for February 2021

The Cancun International Airport has restored most of its daily flights. Now, the numbers of flights are back to normal, even close to breaking records.

Flights to Playa del Carmen in February (in USD)

These are some sample prices for roundtrip flights next February. All the sampling was calculated on January (so without much time in advance), and to include the February 14 in Playa del Carmen.

As you can see, roundtrip flights to Plata del Carmen via Cancun are between $164 USD to $321 dollars, with the most common prices being at $230 dollars.

But, remember, it doesn’t have to be roundtrip 😉 That makes it cheaper, for sure.