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 Restaurants: Chefs ‘cuisine for 50 pesos!

Playa Del Carmen abounds with people who studied abroad in the best schools. At one point, they stopped their former life to change their way of living. They decided to settle down here in the Riviera Maya to enjoy the beneficial advantages of the Caribbean. Nowadays, they work here providing the best and high quality services, learned abroad, and offer them to you at a Mexican price.

Of course, if you come to Playa for vacations, you are going to see mainly the 5th Avenue where everything is expensive. But even in the center, you can find many restaurants where you can eat pretty well for little money. There you can meet 3 of your expectations: Eat in a restaurant, enjoy good food for a not excessive amount of money!

As usual, the secret is to know the best tips!

Here is the list proposed by and

  • 14th Street between the 5th and the 10th Avenue: The French Restaurant called BYBLOS provides the daily dish for 50 pesos! The cooker is French and studied in a French Cooking School! Often a foreign restaurant is adapted to the country’s tastes to fit the local taste. But there, be insured to enjoy the real French taste and food!! (Certified and Approved by our Frenchie Flo!!).
  • The Japanese Sushi Ken is located on the 10th avenue between the 10th and the 12th. They propose you for an average price of:

Sushi Ken
  • 28 pesos – Sushis

  • 60 pesos – Rollos/Makis

  • 35 pesos – Temakis

Our gringo Chris testifies that the sushi at Sushi Ken is the best he never ate!! He often compares them with the sushi he’s had in Vegas at a buffet place. He is still amazed by the difference of quality and taste between the 2 places!! You are in Vegas, with those crazy things around you, you are amazed by all the services surrounding you, you think obviously: “I am in Vegas, I am going to eat in a great place”. But at the end, the food is not that great and you are a bit disappointed because you did not eat for your money. In Playa, you will not experience this feeling! You know why? Because here the cooks are professionals! They know how to cook high quality food. 

  • The last one (for today, some more later on, do not worry) is a Mexican Restaurant! The place is called Tarraya. They serve seafood!! This place is simply AMAZING! You can eat fish in a Mexican environment (finally, some parts of Playa are Mexican!). First, the restaurant is on the beach front. You eat right under the palm trees in front of the Caribbean Sea often with a Mariachi singing near the restaurant, adding thus a typical Mexican touch! Secondly, feeling the wind in your hair, you will simply enjoy the life there. Third. you have the choice between many sea dishes, cooked in a typical Mayan or Mexican way (depending on the chosen dish, obviously). For 50 pesos only, you can eat a fresh fish filet with rice and vegetables! I can insure you that you aretotally full after!



If you come down here, we recommend trying that restaurant, it is not a choice, it is an obligation!

In conclusion, the price of the dish does not make the quality of the food! And just because it has plastic lawn chairs in the facility doesn’t mean that it doesn’t serve amazing tasty food.  So don’t be discouraged by the decor.

Is your mouth watering yet, like mine?!  I’ll wait on you here with and to come and enjoy one of these local tips that will for sure have you telling others about the experience!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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