This Ancient Mayan Sport is Making a Big Comeback this Month!

A new modality is about to emerge in the Mesoamerican Ball Game Association, because this coming June 20 in the Poliforum of Playa del Carmen, the event “Hunahpú-Xbalanqué” will take place.

The contest will be individually, one against one, and the winner will be the one who manages to eliminate more opponents in the span of 30 minutes for each time.

Registration will be allowed to players from the age of 13 and the competition will be mixed, and must be played in an area of three meters by three meters and where only one boat will be allowed at most before answering the blow.

The winner will receive a prize of five thousand pesos in cash, as well as a secret bag from the sponsors and collaborators.

In this first edition, 30 to 40 players of this ancestral sport are expected.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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