Playa del Carmen theater reopens. First show is free to attend.

Playa del Carmen Theater - teatro

After closing 6 months for the Pandemic, Playa del Carmen’s Theater reopens its doors on Sunday 30th August. For this first show, up to 50 families of 4 members max will be able to attend, following measures of New Normalcy.

The Director of the Culture Insitute, Luis Ernesto López Vargas, invited the citizens to download the app ‘Cultura Playa’ (App Store iOS, Play Store), where they will be able to get their e-tickets for the shows. This first Sunday, entrance is free.

Culture and the Arts have been fundamental for the population during the Pandemic, as the confinement has been easier to endure in the company of music, films, theater, dance, literature and visual arts. As the theater reopens, this is now the chance to enjoy the arts outside home, as well as to support the artists that have been entertaining us and enriching our lives.

Source: Canal 10

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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