It’s posadas season!!! – *2020 version 😲

posadas season 2020

Posadas are great, but not-so-great during a global pandemic. They tend to gather large numbers of people (a whole classroom, a company, your larger group of friends…). Thus, they are really not ideal for this year. In fact, the government has put a restriction on how many people can meet, and how posadas must happen. I.e. the maximum capacity is 10 people per party, and they must keep the face-mask on at all times possible.

Posadas in the year 2020

We have a suggestion: do a small posada at home! Gather a few friends, absolutely no more than 10, and do something at home! Here are some ideas on things you can bring or cook:

  • Mexican Fruit Punch. It is a delicious hot drink traditional to the posadas, made of tejocote, sugar cane, tamarindo, pear, cinnamon sticks, apple, guava. You can add tequila or rum if you’re feeling extra festive.
  • Tamales: Tamales are good all year and we need to make that clear. However, they are especially popular during Christmas season. To prepare them, you will need corn dough, chicken or beef, and corn husks to wrap them.
  • Piñatas. Piñatas are the main attraction of posadas, and they have a ton of sweets in their inside. Nevertheless, to reach them will be no easy task, as Mexican piñatas are incredibly tough. That is part of why there is a game of who is actually able to break the piñata, and people take turns to hit it.

See also: Día de Reyes (the Three Wise Men), a tradition that will prevail.

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