Police implement new Community Auxiliary Guard program to ensure coronavirus compliance

Sand covered beach access route between two building on Calle 12.

The Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra announced that by order of the Governor, the Guardias Auxiliares Comunitarios (Community Auxiliary Guards program) will be implemented. He says the goal of those involved in the project will be to ensure community compliance to avoid further spreading of the coronavirus.

During his announcement he also said, “Please, we must use mouth covers in public places, which are being given away for free by Quintana Roo Police.

“The Quintana Roo police are already giving themselves the task of distributing a million face masks. We began with the first part 48 hours ago. In police headquarters there will be mouth masks free of charge to all citizens who require them,” emphasized the police chief.

He added that citizens should not circulate with more than two people in a vehicle and asked the population to abide by the provision, as this reduces the contagion of Covid-19 noting police will be very vigilant to ensure compliance.

He explained that the Community Auxiliary Guards will be composed of young people from the same community who will be trained to help with surveillance in the community and for this, the Secretary of Finance will provide resources so that those who join the project can receive a stimulus to support their families.

“Be on the lookout. We are moving forward with the program to reduce mobility. If you have nothing to do, please stay home. If you go out to buy food, only send one person per family which will help us greatly reduce mobility,” he concluded.

The announcement comes after people have been found on beaches and numerous businesses and construction projects around the state have been shut down for ignoring the temporary coronavirus restrictions.

Source: Riviera Maya News

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