Playa del Carmen prepares for its 118th Anniversary

Playa del Carmen's 118th Anniversary

On the next 14th of November, Playa will become 118 years old! Since its foundation in 1902, the city has managed to be one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the World, until reaching a population of 150,000. Now that its 118th Anniversary is approaching, it’s time to celebrate!

To commemorate the date, there will be many events, starting with a Mayan Offering at 7 AM, at the beach next to La Tarraya Restaurant. Later in the evening, from 5:30 PM, there will be an exhibit of local products, a mariachi concert, and several cultural activities at the Public Market in CTM avenue.

The reason to celebrate

In a preparatory act, three local figures invited the citizens to join the activities. The act was headed by Teresa Sonia Lopez Cardiel, the President of the Civil Association the Force of Minerva; Raymundo Tineo, a Playa del Carmen chronic writer; and Ari Gamas, the Director of Women for Playa.

“We are not a city without History or identity. Much to the contrary, we are a city about to become 118 years old” – stated Teresa Sonia Lopez Cardiel. She defended that many citizens of Playa del Carmen identify with Playa (founded on the 14th of November), rather than the Municipality of Solidaridad.

Playa del Carmen should be the identity every citizen gets behind -argues Raymundo Tineo-. We should know its History and cultivate a sense of belonging. That in turn will make us better citizens and contribute to the city. That is why it is important to celebrate the 118th Anniversary.

Find the program of the event below:

118th Anniversary of Playa del Carmen - Program of Events

Get this information in Spanish here.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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